CDE 2021

Conference on Diversity in Engineering

Hosted by Dalhousie University   

Friday, November 19th – Sunday, November 21st

Virtual (Zoom)


CDE Theme | 2021

This year, the theme of CDE is “Dismantle to Rebuild”. Only by dismantling and understanding the root of what has been instilled, can we change these beliefs and help move change forward. At this conference, we will be doing this through panels and presentations that focus on how we can deconstruct preconceived notions, as well as events, that help us better understand significant aspects of other cultures.

As part of the theme “Dismantle to Rebuild”, we have selected the Ulnooweg Education Centre as the recipient of monetary reparations set aside in our budget. The Ulnooweg Education Centre is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is an indigenous led initiative to create lasting change through science, culture, innovation, and education for the new generation. This organization does incredible work in our region, and we are thrilled to be partnering with them as part of CDE. For more information on their programs and projects, you can check out their website

CDE 2021 Organizing Committee