Our team is made up of hard working and dedicated individuals from the Ryerson community. Each of us is excited to bring you the Conference on Diversity in Engineering 2018. We are looking forward to meeting all of you and introducing you to Ryerson. Learn more about us by following us on social media!


Dave Alcivar


In the words of RuPaul, “Hello, hello, hello!”. My name is Dave Alcivar and I am so excited to be one of the co-chairs of this amazing conference! It’s been my dream to host this conference at Ryerson University since I first attended the National Conference on Women in Engineering back in 2014 before it was renamed to CDE in 2015. And now that dream has come true! I look forward to meeting all the delegates who attend this conference as well as to learn some new things myself.

Minakshi Suri


Hey there! My name is Minakshi Suri and I am a 4th- year Civil Engineering student at Ryerson University. Ever since I was a little girl, architecture and the wonders of a lasting masterpiece portrayed through buildings and structures, have always left me in awe. Since learning about Civil and the various streams it has to offer, I found herself falling in love with environmental applications and the real world implications of it. Since embarking upon my university journey I have found myself through many ups and downs. I was able to learn more about about my own strengths through my diversity and through the challenges I have taken on through leaderships roles and jobs on campus.


Sahra Shams

Delegate Relations Coordinator

Hey everybody! My name is Sahra Shams and I’m a third-year Industrial Engineering student at Ryerson University. I’m super excited to be a part of CDE 2018 as the Delegate Relations Coordinator. As a women in engineering, I’ve always been interested in creative design and engineering has given me the platform to pursue my passions further. One of my favourite things to do is to go on adventurous hikes and explore Ontario! I also love working out and listening to music. This weekend will be an amazing one!

Namrata Menon

Program Coordinator

Hi Everyone! My name is Namrata Menon and I’m a 4th year chemical engineering student at Ryerson. I’ve been a Women in Engineering director/member since second year so when I found out that Ryerson was hosting CDE 2018 I was overwhelmed with excitement. When I’m not watching TV you can catch me outside, cooking or shopping for heels online. TL;DR Call me Nams, ecstatic, forever short.

Disha Soni

Logistics Coordinator

Greetings! My name is Disha Soni and I am a fourth year student studying aerospace engineering at Ryerson. I love flying and I have a passion for astronomy, which led me to pursue a career in aerospace. I also love reading, riding motorcycles and ALL the Marvel movies. Team Iron Man forever!!! I am the Logistics Coordinator on the CDE organizing committee. I look forward to meeting all delegates and providing an insightful and memorable experience at CDE 2018!

Alessandro Cunsolo

Marketing Coordinator

Good day! My name is Alessandro Cunsolo and I am a third-year Aerospace engineering student here at Ryerson. I have been fascinated by aviation throughout my life, which has propelled me though service in the Air Cadet program, years of pilot studies and ultimately landed me here at RyEng. My past conference experiences have opened my eyes to applying creative solutions to tackle everyday issues, as well as enlightened me of the various opportunities available to me as an engineering student in Canada. This year, I hope to give back to the external engineering community as much as possible through the planning and launching of CDE 2018.

Aidan Messom

Volunteer Coordinator

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Committee Members