The Conference on Diversity in Engineering (CDE) is a three day, national conference that focuses on building a more inclusive engineering industry and education throughout Canada.  CDE 2017 aims to bring together a diverse network of engineering students and professionals from across the country to create a conversation about diversity in engineering. Delegates will leave CDE with knowledge equipping them to thrive in the engineering industry in the face of barriers, and to challenge the issues facing diverse individuals in the engineering profession.

At CDE, students and speakers will have the opportunity to share their successes and challenges in creating a more inclusive engineering community; and how embracing diversity better helps us as engineers address the complex problems of society.

In 2017, the third annual CDE will take place at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario from November 10th -12th, both in the downtown core and at the university.

CDE is presented by the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES), a bilingual national federation that promotes growth and communication for Canadian engineering schools. The CFES members consist of 51 engineering student societies from Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic and Western Canada.  The federation aims to ensure the free exchange of ideas between engineering schools, and to solicit and organize opportunities to improve the intellectual, cultural, academic, social and economic well-being of engineering students across the nation.

CDE will support the goals of the Federation by allowing engineering students to network and better understand the issues pertaining to diversity in engineering, while inspiring leadership and participation in the engineering community.