CDE 2017

McMaster University + Sheraton Hotel, Hamilton Ontario

Conference on Diversity in Engineering
November 10-12, 2017

150 Delegates


51 Engineering Societies


CDE is a conference for engineering students across Canada to promote discussions on the topic of diversity in the engineering field, introduce discussion, and generate ideas to improve diversity in engineering education. This year, the third annual Conference on Diversity in Engineering will be hosted by McMaster University in the multifaceted city of Hamilton, Ontario.



Break the Status Quo. Different Doesn’t Have to be Difficult!



We hope to encourage and promote discussion between attendees, surrounding the topics that affect themselves and those in their communities. These topics include diversity in engineering education, diversity while working as a student, and in the word place after graduation. The sharing of ideas, resources, and strategies between attendees and from experts will further the mission of Breaking the Status Quo surrounding diversity in engineering education across Canada.

CDE 2017